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Stemell, Inc. is a biotech company based in the harvesting and isolation of stem cells to manufacture, and commercialize innovative stem cell therapy products.  Employing the company’s proprietary technology, Stemell will transpose the organ's paradigm of medical waste to medical wonder in providing therapies. Stemell’s whole stem cell focused business will create and develop many new paths to therapy, made available to everyone. Stemell was founded on the promise of cord tissue and stem cells contributions for therapy in future cellular based therapies. Stemell views the umbilical cord blood and tissue stem cell as the preeminent source of stem cells, and biological components, and seeks to waste nothing in launching the organ’s second and everlasting life as a premiere agent of therapy. Stemell intends to utilize tissue and stem cells for today’s therapy, and create a new hybrid biobank, for future utilization. Stemell further believes the amniotic fluid and tissue stem cell is the center of the perinatal universe; it embodies the company’s core competence, and its’ tremendous wealth will enable the company’s holistic perinatal vision.


Research & Development

A passion for science coupled with a zeal to render medical care easier for patients drove Peyman to start Stemell



The Stemell, got certified to do commercial sell in the U.S.


launching StemL™ Product Line

1. Umbilical Cord Blood Stem cell suspension - StemL-UCB™ 2. Umbilical Cord Tissue Stem Cell Suspension – StemL-UCT™ 3. Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell-Premium Plus (Highly Purified) – StemL UCB-Plus™ 4. Amniotic Fluid Stem cell Complex (Extracellular Fluid Substance) – StemL-FX™ 5. Amniotic Tissue Stem Cells Complex. (Extracellular Membrane Substance) – StemL-TX™ 6. Adipose Tissue-Derived Regenerative Stem Cell – StemL-ATR™ 7. Umbilical Cord blood derived -Platelet/Protein Reach Plasma (PRP) – StemL-PRP™

Experienced Team

Stemell® is a pioneer research-based bio-science corporation with a great team of professionals headquartered in Orange County, California.

Stem Cell Therapeutic Products

US-based “Stem Cell therapeutic” Company

Research & Devlopment

Experienced team of professionals in the harvesting and isolation of stem cells research and development


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StemL™ high-quality, medical grade umbilical cord cells

The Premier Stem Cell Therapeutic Products For Your Medical Practice.

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Our StemL™ product line lets all the skilled practitioners feel comfortable that their patient is receiving the best product available on the market.

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