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Frequently Asked Questions


What are my options for my baby's umbilical cord blood and tissue?
Expectant parents can -
• collect and preserve for the potential medicinal benefit of the family.
• donate the blood for research or use by a third party. This is commonly referred to as the public option.
• allow the hospital to discard it.
Why should I have them preserved?
What about the public option?
What makes stem cells from the cord blood and tissue special?
How successful are transplants?
How might cord blood transplants be used in the future?
Who can use the preserved stem cells? Can it benefit other children in the family?
Is there a fee to retrieve if needed?
When and how is cord blood and tissue collected?
Is cord blood and tissue collection risky or painful?
Can I store my baby’s cord blood and tissue and still delay cord clamping?
What tests are performed on the cord blood and tissue?
How is the cord blood and tissue processed?
Where are my baby's cord blood and tissue stored?
How long can cord blood stem cells be stored?
Is cord blood collection and preservation expensive? What are Cryo-Cell's fees?
Will I be charged a fee by my healthcare provider?
What is Cryo-Cell's history and affiliations?
What are your accreditations?

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