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Peyman Taeidi

Peyman Taeidi

CEO and President

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About Peyman Taeidi

Peyman Taeidi established Stemell®, Inc. in 2017 with a synonymous goal to transform the care available to people with major illnesses and disorders. A company, which developed a proprietary and unique way of processing biological allografts, leaded to higher quality products by defining a new standard in this market and having a only one goal in mind to meet-Providing a better, safer and more effective allogeneic product by having the end user in mind-the patients.

A passion for science coupled with a zeal to render medical care easier for patients drove Peyman to start Stemell®, Inc. a revolutionary biotechnology and life science company that provides stem cell technology to millions of people in multiple countries for therapeutic purposes.

After Peyman completed his PhD in cell biology specifically in the field of Cellular signaling and epithelial cell polarity from University of Tehran in Iran, he permanently moved to United States to continue his education and research studies. He was graduated with honor from University of California, Irvine in Cellular biology and as well as Biological Anthropology.

Peyman has drafted more than 7 publications in relation to pancreatic Islet cells.

His findings and extensive research were mainly targeted at stem cells or cells in general. He drafted 7 publications in islet cells in 2013, recapping his command and legitimacy in research of cells. Peyman has an illustrious career to his credit that amalgamates both theory and practice; important in the field he specializes in. He dedicated a significant amount of time working as a Senior Scientist, process development scientist or scientific advisors at multiple biotechnology company within last 10 years, companies like Johnson and Johnson, Cytori Therapeutics, Prodo Laboratories, Homeland security-Department of public health, Pfizer and Eli Lilly.

He has participated in numerous important projects ( in-vivo and in-vitro) including conducting a research project in biological and genetic aspects of cardiac diseases and also performing in a government funded project called “SCAR” which was designing a process and a device which lead to deliver the ADRC cells (Adipose driven regenerative cells-stem cells) on thermal burn tissues caused by radioactive attacks. This technology resulted in a quicker, more efficient and painless recovery. He was working in governmental research contract calls “SCAR” project as a lead process development scientist. He has been working alongside some of the leading industry professionals, which speaks volumes of his professionalism and performance.

His excellence and confidence at work stems from this acute familiarity with the field he operates in. To top that, he strives to deliver results in a timely manner without compromising quality. His exuberance is infectious and those who work with him praise him for his unfettered determination, compassion and strong work

Peyman established the Stemell corporate with three critical elements in mind, Quality, integrity and commitment.

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