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About Peyman Taeidi

Peyman Taeidi established Stemell®, Inc. in 2017 with a synonymous goal to transform the care available to people with life threatening illnesses.
A passion for science coupled with a zeal to render medical care easier for patients drove Peyman to start Stemell®, Inc. a revolutionary biotechnology and life science company that provides stem cell technology to millions of people for therapeutic purposes.
At the age of 13, Peyman shifted to USA to pursue further education. With an innate fervor for science, this land of opportunity fascinated Peyman.
With a familial background of cancers and other grave illnesses, Peyman envisioned a company that could bring affordable and therapeutic products to the market. His interest in science stemmed from exploring the cause behind illnesses due to which he was more inclined towards research as opposed to practicing medicine. He wanted to draft solutions for the medical problems plaguing society, enticing his interest in stem cell technology.
Peyman graduated with honors as an Associate of Arts and an Associate of Science from Santiago College in 2008. He went on to complete his Bachelor of Science in cellular biology and Bachelor of Arts at University of California, Irvine in 2010 and acquired specialization in Medical (Biological) Anthropology.
His education was mainly focused on stem cell research as he had decided early on that he would eventually start his own company.
Peyman took his education seriously, but never let that be the reason to skimp out on other activities. He was a part of the esteemed National Honor Society, Lambda Alpha. He bagged the position of President at ∑ A π, the National Society of Leadership and went on to acquire the Success Award for National Excellence and Leadership.
His zeal and commitment right from the time of his education is the reason he landed some of the most sought after jobs in this industry and ultimately became the proud owner of his own organization.
He reserves the leadership capabilities to propel an organization forward, ensuring the smooth implementation of strategies. He initiated his prestigious company after an illustrious career in the dynamic biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries.
It would be fair to deem Peyman the vanguard of the tightly integrated biotechnology and biopharmaceutical fields, owing to his extensive skill set in these industries. His numerous core skills and strengths render him capable enough to lead his organization forward. Coupled with this, he has consistently produced results in his previous roles and earned himself the reputation of a credible and confident scientist.
His broad exposure of 10 years in the fields of biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals lend him sufficient insight on what the industry was lacking. Compassionate and perceptive, Peyman quickly concluded that there is significant room for improvement in the field. He was deeply saddened by the lack of quality and integrity of products and companies that only capitalized on the large market, with no real concern for the patients.
It was at this time that Peyman promised to establish a biotechnology company with the foundational ethics of unparalleled quality, integrity, and a pure commitment to patients that are using the stem cell technology for curative purposes and transplant.
Peyman reserves experience and knowledge in a plethora of subjects including in vivo and in vitro laboratory, cell biology, regenerative medicine, stem cell technology and Research and Development to name a few. His excellence and confidence at work stems from this acute familiarity with the field he operates in. To top that, he strives to deliver results in a timely manner without compromising quality. His exuberance is infectious and those who work with him praise him for his unfettered determination, compassion and strong work
His findings and extensive research were mainly targeted at stem cells or cells in general. He drafted 7 publications in islet cells in 2013, recapping his command and legitimacy in research of cells. Peyman has an illustrious career to his credit that amalgamates both theory and practice; important in the field he specializes in. He dedicated a significant amount of time working as a Senior Scientist at a biotechnology company, where he was in charge of preparing important documentation and analysis of processes and
carrying out experiments related to cells.
Similarly, he worked as a Senior Scientist at a biopharmaceutical company where he organized and managed research and development as well. He also reserved the capability to design complex experiments. As a result, he is fully prepared to lead this organization to overcome the loopholes in the science and medical industry.
Peyman fits in his current position, being equipped to handle roles that demand guidance and authority, as he is a quick thinker, allowing him to tackle problems effectively. His interpersonal and relationship building skills allow him to strike a friendly rapport with his subordinates and colleagues alike, cultivating a harmonious environment to work in.
What sets Peyman apart from other professionals is his ability to meet targets and deadlines. He does not shy away from responsibility and takes on challenges without losing his cool. This ability shine through the duration of his extensive career and he has not hesitated even today. He works with commitment and serves complete justice to his role, strengthening his reputation as a respected science professional and the CEO of this reputable organization.
Peyman is obstinately ambitious and competitive -­‐ a quality highly prized in the cutthroat environment of the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries. Since thriving companies can’t afford incompetent and laid back representatives and leaders, Peyman makes the cut as one of the efficient industry professionals.
From the time his mother was battling inter muscular pains, Peyman vowed to make products readily available to patients who deserve quality care and genuine compassion, painfully
lacking in the current frame of things.
Peyman comprises all the qualities that make a great leader. He is prepared to meet deadlines and capable to collaborate and lead people. He has participated in numerous important projects including conducting a research project in biological and genetic aspects of cardiac diseases and also performing in a government funded project called “SCAR” which was designing a process and a device which lead to deliver the ADRC cells (Adipose driven regenerative cells-stem cells) on thermal burn tissues caused by radioactive attacks. This technology resulted in a quicker, more efficient and painless recovery. He was working in government “SCAR” project as a lead process development scientist. He has been working alongside some of the leading industry
professionals, which speaks volumes of his professionalism and performance.
He is a visionary who has literally turned the thought he had years ago into a solid, standing foundation. His company values are targeted at relaying reliable, authentic and genuine care to patients. His compassion is deeply rooted in his personal experiences and he has brilliantly molded this ability and research into providing stem cell technology to heal ailing patients.

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