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Adipose Tissue-Derived Regenerative Stem Cell – StemL-ATR™

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About The Product


StemL™ technology prepares ADRCs exclusively from an adult human patient’s own adipose tissue, treatment with these cells avoids common transplantation issues, such as cell rejection or disease transmission, and does not require anti-rejection or immunosuppressant drugs.

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Product name Proprietary name(Brand name) Specifications
Adipose Tissue-Derived Regenerative Stem Cell
  • By Contract only.
  • • Homologous only
  • • Autographs use only. (Same Patient)
  • • Rich source of different type of Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Endothelial and stromal cells.
  • • HIPAA Registered
  • • Public Health Registered.
  • • Active area of regenerative medicine
  • • The Donor eligibility determines by your physician.
  • • Sterility of the product: Stemell cell harvested from Adipose tissue in a fully controlled-sterile environment in a certified fully equipped Class 100 clean room or in facility of your choice.
  • • For Therapeutics purposes only

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